Context English Japanese State,web_id: Web ID,web_shop: Web Shop,attributes: Attributes,attributes_removed: Attributes Removed,categories: Categories,categories_removed: Categories Removed,company: Company,currency: Currency,guest_party: Guest Party,language: Language,name: Name,products: Products,products_removed: Products Removed,type: Type,warehouses: Warehouses,attribute: Attribute,shop: Shop,category: Category,shop: Shop,product: Product,shop: Shop,shop: Shop,warehouse: Warehouse
field:web.user,invoice_address: Invoice Address
field:web.user,shipment_address: Shipment Address
help:product.attribute,web_shops: The list of web shops on which the attribute is published.
help:product.category,web_shops: The list of web shops on which the category is published.
help:product.product,web_shops: The list of web shops on which the product is published.,attributes: The list of attributes to publish.,attributes_removed: The list of attributes to unpublish.,categories: The list of categories to publish.
This translation Not translated Tryton/web_shop
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Needs editing Tryton/product_attribute Attributes


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