Timesheet End
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field:timesheet.hours_employee_weekly,week_internal: Week
field:timesheet.hours_employee_weekly,year: Year
field:timesheet.line,company: Company 公司
field:timesheet.line,date: Date 日期
field:timesheet.line,description: Description 描述
field:timesheet.line,duration: Duration 持续时间
field:timesheet.line,employee: Employee 雇员
field:timesheet.line,uuid: UUID UUID
field:timesheet.line,work: Work 工作
field:timesheet.line.enter.start,date: Date 日期
field:timesheet.line.enter.start,employee: Employee 雇员,company: Company 公司,duration: Timesheet Duration 时间表持续时间,name: Name 名称,origin: Origin 来源,timesheet_end_date: Timesheet End 时间表结束,timesheet_lines: Timesheet Lines 时间表明细,timesheet_start_date: Timesheet Start 时间表开始,work: Work 工作,from_date: From Date 从日期,to_date: To Date 到日期
help:timesheet.line,company: The company on which the time is spent. 消耗时间的公司.
help:timesheet.line,date: When the time is spent. 时间消耗的时候.
help:timesheet.line,description: Additional description of the work done. 完成工作的附加说明.
help:timesheet.line,employee: The employee who spends the time. 消耗时间的雇员.
help:timesheet.line,work: The work on which the time is spent. 消耗时间的工作.
help:timesheet.line.enter.start,date: When the time is spent. 消耗时间的时候.
help:timesheet.line.enter.start,employee: The employee who spends the time. 消耗时间的雇员.,company: Make the work belong to the company. 让这项工作属于公司.,duration: Total time spent on this work. 消耗在这项工作上的总时间.,name: The main identifier of the work. 工作的主标识符.
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Timesheet End
Timesheet Lines时间表结束
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