The shipment "%(shipment)s" does not have a carrier set.
Context English Portuguese State
field:carrier,shipping_service: Shipping Service Serviço de Envio
field:stock.package,shipping_label: Shipping Label Etiquetas de envio
field:stock.package,shipping_reference: Shipping Reference Referência de Envio
field:stock.package.type,height: Height Altura
field:stock.package.type,height_digits: Height Digits Dígitos decimais da altura
field:stock.package.type,height_uom: Height Unit Unidade da Altura
field:stock.package.type,length: Length Comprimento
field:stock.package.type,length_digits: Length Digits Dígitos decimais do comprimento
field:stock.package.type,length_uom: Length Unit Unidade do Comprimento
field:stock.package.type,width: Width Largura
field:stock.package.type,width_digits: Width Digits Dígitos decimais da largura
field:stock.package.type,width_uom: Width Unit Unidade da Largura
field:stock.shipment.out,shipping_description: Shipping Description Descrição do Envio
model:ir.action,name:act_create_shipping_wizard Create Shipping Create Shipping
model:ir.message,text:msg_shipment_not_packed To create shipping labels for shipment "%(shipment)s", you must pack it.
model:ir.message,text:msg_shipment_without_carrier The shipment "%(shipment)s" does not have a carrier set. A remessa "%(shipment)s" não tem uma transportadora definida
model:ir.model.button,string:shipment_out_create_shipping_button Create Shipping for Packages Create Shipping for Packages,name:menu_package_shipping_configuration Shipping Shipping
view:stock.package.type: Dimensions Dimensões


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