Shelf Life Expiration Date
Context English Slovenian State
field:product.product,expiration_state: Expiration State Uporabnost
field:product.product,expiration_time: Expiration Time Rok
field:product.product,shelf_life_state: Shelf Life Time State Trajanje
field:product.product,shelf_life_time: Shelf Life Time Rok
field:product.template,expiration_state: Expiration State Uporabnost
field:product.template,expiration_time: Expiration Time Rok
field:product.template,shelf_life_state: Shelf Life Time State Trajanje
field:product.template,shelf_life_time: Shelf Life Time Rok
field:stock.configuration,shelf_life_delay: Shelf Life Delay Zakasnitev roka trajanja
field:stock.location.lot.shelf_life,shelf_life_delay: Shelf Life Delay Zakasnitev roka trajanja
field:stock.lot,expiration_date: Expiration Date Rok uporabe
field:stock.lot,expiration_state: Expiration State Uporabnost
field:stock.lot,shelf_life_expiration_date: Shelf Life Expiration Date Rok trajanja
field:stock.lot,shelf_life_expiration_state: Shelf Life Expiration State Trajanje
help:product.product,expiration_time: In number of days. V dnevih
help:product.product,shelf_life_time: In number of days. V dnevih
help:product.template,expiration_time: In number of days. V dnevih
help:product.template,shelf_life_time: In number of days. V dnevih
help:stock.configuration,shelf_life_delay: The delay before removal from the forecast. Zakasnitev pred odstranitvijo iz napovedi.
help:stock.location.lot.shelf_life,shelf_life_delay: The delay before removal from the forecast. Zakasnitev pred odstranitvijo iz napovedi.
model:ir.message,text:msg_lot_modify_expiration_date_period_close You cannot modify expiration dates of lot "%(lot)s because it is used on move "%(move)s" in a closed period. Rokov uporabe serije "%(lot)s" ni možno popravljati, ker so v knjižbi "%(move)s" zaključenega obdobja.
model:ir.message,text:msg_move_lot_expired You cannot process move "%(move)s" because its lot "%(lot)s" has expired.
model:ir.message,text:msg_period_close_sled You cannot close periods before the expiration of lot "%(lot)s" (%(date)s).,name:group_stock_force_expiration Stock Force Expiration Stock Force Expiration
model:stock.location.lot.shelf_life,name: Stock Configuration Lot Shelf Life Konfiguracija roka trajanja serije
selection:product.product,expiration_state: None Brez
selection:product.product,expiration_state: Optional Neobvezno
selection:product.product,expiration_state: Required Obvezno


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