Supplier Location
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field:stock.shipment.assign.partial,moves: Moves Raktár mozgás,company: Company Társaság,contact_address: Contact Address,done_by: Done By,effective_date: Effective Date,incoming_moves: Incoming Moves,inventory_moves: Inventory Moves,moves: Moves Raktár mozgás,number: Number Szám,origins: Origins,planned_date: Planned Date,received_by: Received By,reference: Reference,state: State Állapot,supplier: Supplier Beszállítók,supplier_location: Supplier Location,warehouse: Warehouse Raktár,warehouse_input: Warehouse Input,warehouse_storage: Warehouse Storage,assigned_by: Assigned By,company: Company Társaság,delivery_address: Delivery Address,done_by: Done By,effective_date: Effective Date,from_location: From Location,moves: Moves Raktár mozgás,number: Number Szám,origins: Origins,planned_date: Planned Date,reference: Reference,state: State Állapot
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This translation Propagated Not translated Tryton/stock
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Not translated Tryton/stock
Not translated Tryton/stock


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modules/stock/locale/hu.po, string 157