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field:stock.location,waste_locations: Waste Locations مکان حمل و نقل
field:stock.location,waste_warehouses: Waste Warehouses انبار
field:stock.location.lead_time,lead_time: Lead Time زمان پیشبرد
field:stock.location.lead_time,warehouse_from: Warehouse From از انبار
field:stock.location.lead_time,warehouse_to: Warehouse To به انبار
field:stock.location.waste,location: Waste Location مکان حمل و نقل
field:stock.location.waste,warehouse: Warehouse انبار
field:stock.move,assignation_required: Assignation Required تخصیص ضروری است
field:stock.move,company: Company شرکت
field:stock.move,cost_price: Cost Price ارزش بها
field:stock.move,cost_price_required: Cost Price Required قیمت واحد مورد نیاز
field:stock.move,currency: Currency واحد پول
field:stock.move,effective_date: Effective Date تاریخ موثر
field:stock.move,from_location: From Location از مکان
field:stock.move,internal_quantity: Internal Quantity مقدار داخلی
field:stock.move,origin: Origin مبداء
field:stock.move,planned_date: Planned Date تاریخ برنامه ریزی شده
field:stock.move,product: Product محصول
field:stock.move,product_uom_category: Product Uom Category دسته بندی واحد اندازه گیری محصول
field:stock.move,quantity: Quantity مقدار/تعداد
field:stock.move,shipment: Shipment محموله
field:stock.move,state: State وضعیت
field:stock.move,to_location: To Location به مکان
field:stock.move,unit_digits: Unit Digits ارقام واحد
field:stock.move,unit_price: Unit Price قیمت واحد
field:stock.move,unit_price_company: Unit Price قیمت واحد
field:stock.move,unit_price_required: Unit Price Required قیمت واحد مورد نیاز
field:stock.move,unit_price_updated: Unit Price Updated قیمت واحد
field:stock.move,uom: Uom واحد اندازی گیری
field:stock.period,caches: Caches مخازن نگهداری
field:stock.period,company: Company شرکت
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/stock
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account_invoice
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/purchase_request
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/account
Not translated Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/account_payment_sepa
Translated Tryton/account_statement
Translated Tryton/commission
Translated Tryton/account_payment
Translated Tryton/analytic_account
Translated Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/sale_complaint مبداءاصل
Translated Tryton/sale_complaint
Needs editing Tryton/stock
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/timesheet


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