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model:ir.message,text:msg_move_modify_done You cannot modify stock move "%(move)s" because it is done.
model:ir.message,text:msg_move_modify_period_close To modify stock move "%(move)s" you must reopen period "%(period)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_move_no_origin Stock moves "%(moves)s" have no origin.
model:ir.message,text:msg_move_quantity_positive Move quantity must be positive.
model:ir.message,text:msg_period_close_assigned_move You cannot close periods with assigned moves in it.
model:ir.message,text:msg_period_close_date You cannot close periods with a date in the future or today.
model:ir.message,text:msg_product_change_cost_price You cannot change the cost price of a product which is associated with stock moves.
You must use the "Modify Cost Price" wizard.
model:ir.message,text:msg_product_change_default_uom You cannot change the default UOM of a product which is associated with stock moves.
model:ir.message,text:msg_product_change_type You cannot change the type of a product which is associated with stock moves.
model:ir.message,text:msg_shipment_delete_cancel To delete shipment "%(shipment)s" you must cancel it.
model:ir.model.button,confirm:inventory_cancel_button Are you sure you want to cancel the inventory?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:inventory_confirm_button Are you sure you want to confirm the inventory?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:move_cancel_button Are you sure you want to cancel the move?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:move_do_button Are you sure you want to complete the move?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:shipment_in_receive_button Are you sure you want to receive the shipment?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:shipment_in_return_done_button Are you sure you want to complete the shipment?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:shipment_out_done_button Are you sure you want to complete the shipment?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:shipment_out_return_receive_button Are you sure you want to receive the shipment?
model:ir.model.button,help:inventory_complete_lines_button Add an inventory line for each missing products
model:ir.model.button,help:inventory_count_button Launch the wizard to count products
model:ir.model.button,string:inventory_cancel_button Cancel
model:ir.model.button,string:inventory_complete_lines_button Complete
model:ir.model.button,string:inventory_confirm_button Confirm
model:ir.model.button,string:inventory_count_button Count
model:ir.model.button,string:move_cancel_button Cancel
model:ir.model.button,string:move_do_button Do
model:ir.model.button,string:move_draft_button Reset to Draft
model:ir.model.button,string:period_close_button Close
model:ir.model.button,string:period_draft_button Draft
model:ir.model.button,string:shipment_in_cancel_button Cancel
model:ir.model.button,string:shipment_in_done_button Done
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/stock
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/sale_supply_drop_shipment
Translated Tryton/stock


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a year ago
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a year ago
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templates/stock.pot, string 455