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Context English State Reference: Restocking List Shipment Number Supplier: To Location Warehouse: / : From Location From Location: Internal Shipment Planned Date: Product Quantity Reference: Shipment Number To Location To Location:
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: /
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: Customer Code:
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: Date:
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: Delivery Note
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: Product
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: Quantity
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: Reference:
report:stock.shipment.out.delivery_note: Shipment Number:
report:stock.shipment.out.picking_list: /
report:stock.shipment.out.picking_list: :
report:stock.shipment.out.picking_list: Customer:
report:stock.shipment.out.picking_list: From Location
report:stock.shipment.out.picking_list: Picking List
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Translated Tryton/stock
Translated Tryton/stock


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