Amount with Shipment Cost Included
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field:sale.configuration,sale_shipment_cost_method: Sale Shipment Cost Method Método de coste envío
field:sale.configuration.sale_method,sale_shipment_cost_method: Sale Shipment Cost Method Método de coste envío
field:sale.line,shipment_cost: Shipment Cost Coste de envío
field:sale.promotion,amount_shipment_cost_included: Amount with Shipment Cost Included,available_carriers: Available Carriers Transportistas disponibles,carrier: Carrier Transportista,shipment_cost_method: Shipment Cost Method Método de coste envío
field:stock.shipment.out,carrier: Carrier Transportista
field:stock.shipment.out,cost: Cost Coste
field:stock.shipment.out,cost_invoice_line: Cost Invoice Line Coste de la línea de factura
field:stock.shipment.out,cost_sale: Cost Sale Coste
field:stock.shipment.out,cost_sale_currency: Cost Sale Currency Moneda coste
model:ir.message,text:msg_sale_invalid_carrier To confirm sale "%(sale)s" you must change the carrier "%(carrier)s". Para confirmar la venta "%(sale)s" debe cambiar el transportista "%(carrier)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_shipment_cost_invoice_missing_account_revenue To invoice shipment cost of "%(shipment)s", you must define an account revenue for product "%(product)s". Para facturar el coste de envío del albarán %(shipment)s", debe definir una cuenta de ingresos para el producto "%(product)s".,shipment_cost_method: None,shipment_cost_method: On Order En el pedido,shipment_cost_method: On Shipment En el albarán
view:sale.promotion: Shipment Cost Included Método de coste envío


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