Delta to apply on the sale date for the date of the advance payment invoice.
Context English Spanish State
field:sale.advance_payment_term.line,block_supply: Block Supply Bloquear suministro
field:sale.advance_payment_term.line,description: Description Descripción
field:sale.advance_payment_term.line,formula: Formula Fórmula
field:sale.advance_payment_term.line,invoice_delay: Invoice Delay Retraso de factura
field:sale.advance_payment_term.line.account,account: Account Cuenta
field:sale.advance_payment_term.line.account,company: Company Empresa
field:sale.advance_payment_term.line.account,line: Line Línea,advance_payment_conditions: Advance Payment Conditions Condiciones de pago adelantado,advance_payment_invoices: Advance Payment Invoices Facturas de pago adelantado,advance_payment_term: Advance Payment Term Plazo de pago adelantado
help:sale.advance_payment_term.line,account: Used for the line of advance payment invoice. Utilizado en la línea de factura por avanzado.
help:sale.advance_payment_term.line,block_shipping: Check to prevent the packing of the shipment before advance payment. Marcar para impedir el empaquetado del albarán antes del pago adelantado.
help:sale.advance_payment_term.line,block_supply: Check to prevent any supply request before advance payment. Marcar para impedir cualquier solicitud de suministro anterior al pago adelantado.
help:sale.advance_payment_term.line,description: Used as description for the invoice line. Utilizado como descripción para la línea de factura.
help:sale.advance_payment_term.line,formula: A python expression used to compute the advance payment amount that will be evaluated with:
- total_amount: The total amount of the sale.
- untaxed_amount: The total untaxed amount of the sale.
Expresión python utilizada para calcular el importe de pago adelantado que será evaluada con:
- total_amount: El importe total de la venta.
- untaxed_amount: El impote total sin impuestos de la venta.
help:sale.advance_payment_term.line,invoice_delay: Delta to apply on the sale date for the date of the advance payment invoice. Retraso a aplicar sobre la fecha de venta para obtener la fecha de la factura de pago por adelantado.
model:ir.action,name:act_advance_invoice_form Advance Invoices Facturas adelantadas
model:ir.action,name:act_advance_payment_term_form Advance Payment Terms Plazos de pago por adelantado
model:ir.message,text:msg_shipping_blocked To pack shipments the customer must paid the advance payment for sale "%(sale)s". Para empaquetar los albaranes de cliente debe pagar el pago adelantado de la venta "%(sale)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_term_line_invalid_formula Invalid formula "%(formula)s" in term line "%(term_line)s" with exception "%(exception)s". Fórmula "%(formula)s" inválida en la línea de término "%(term_line)s" con la siguiente excepción "%(exception)s".,name:menu_advance_payment_term Advance Payment Terms Plazos de pago por adelantado
model:sale.advance_payment.condition,name: Advance Payment Condition Condición de pago adelantado
model:sale.advance_payment_term,name: Advance Payment Term Plazo de pago adelantado
model:sale.advance_payment_term.line,name: Advance Payment Term Line Línea de plazo de pago adelantado
model:sale.advance_payment_term.line.account,name: Advance Payment Term Line Account Cuenta de línea de plazo de pago adelantado


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