Context English Slovenian State,name: Sale Reporting per Subdivision,name: Sale Reporting per Country
model:sale.reporting.customer,name: Sale Reporting per Customer
model:sale.reporting.customer.time_series,name: Sale Reporting per Customer
model:sale.reporting.product,name: Sale Reporting per Product
model:sale.reporting.product.time_series,name: Sale Reporting per Product
model:sale.reporting.region,name: Sale Reporting per Region
model:sale.return_sale.start,name: Return Sale Izdelava zavrnjene odpremnice,name: Sale Prodajni nalog,name: Sale - Ignored Invoice Prodajni nalog - Prezrt račun,name: Sale - Recreated Invoice Prodajni nalog - Ponovno izdelan račun : : Amount Znesek Date: Datum: Description Opis Description: Opis: Draft Sale Order Osnutek prodajnega naloga Quantity Količina Quotation N°: Ponudba št.: Reference: Sklic: Sale Order N°: Prodajni nalog št.: Taxes Davek Taxes: Davek: Total (excl. taxes): Skupaj (brez davka): Total: Skupaj: Unit Price Cena
selection:account.invoice,sale_exception_state: Ignored Prezrto
selection:account.invoice,sale_exception_state: Recreated Ponovno izdelano
selection:sale.line,type: Comment Opomba
selection:sale.line,type: Line Postavka
selection:sale.line,type: Subtotal Vmesna vsota
This translation Translated Tryton/sale Opis:
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Translated Tryton/purchase Opis:
Translated Tryton/account_invoice Opis:


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