Context English Slovenian State
selection:sale.reporting.context,period: Day
selection:sale.reporting.context,period: Month
selection:sale.reporting.context,period: Year,invoice_method: Manual Ročno,invoice_method: On Order Processed Po obdelavi naloga,invoice_method: On Shipment Sent Po izvršeni odpremi,invoice_state: Exception Pridržano,invoice_state: None Brez,invoice_state: Paid Plačano,invoice_state: Waiting Čakajoče,shipment_method: Manual Ročno,shipment_method: On Invoice Paid Po plačilu računa,shipment_method: On Order Processed Po obdelavi naloga,shipment_state: Exception Pridržano,shipment_state: None Brez,shipment_state: Sent Odpremljeno,shipment_state: Waiting Čakajoče,state: Cancelled Preklicano,state: Confirmed Potrjeno,state: Done Zaključeno,state: Draft V pripravi,state: Processing Obdelava,state: Quotation Ponudba
selection:stock.move,sale_exception_state: Ignored Prezrto
selection:stock.move,sale_exception_state: Recreated Ponovno izdelano Sale Prodajni nalog
view:product.template: Customers Kupci
view:sale.handle.invoice.exception.ask: Choose invoices to recreate: Izbor računov za ponovno izdelavo
view:sale.handle.shipment.exception.ask: Choose move to recreate: Izbor prometa za ponovno izdelavo
view:sale.line: General Splošno
view:sale.line: Notes Opombe
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/sale
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Needs editing Tryton/purchase_request_quotation
Not translated Tryton/marketing_email
Translated Tryton/purchase_request_quotation OdpremljSenot


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a year ago
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a year ago
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modules/sale/locale/sl.po, string 283