Context English Polish State
field:sale.line,amount: Amount
field:sale.line,company: Company Firma
field:sale.line,currency: Currency Waluta
field:sale.line,description: Description Opis
field:sale.line,from_location: From Location Z lokalizacji
field:sale.line,invoice_lines: Invoice Lines Wiersze faktury
field:sale.line,move_done: Moves Done Wykonane ruchy
field:sale.line,move_exception: Moves Exception
field:sale.line,moves: Moves Ruchy
field:sale.line,moves_ignored: Ignored Moves Zignorowane ruchy
field:sale.line,moves_recreated: Recreated Moves
field:sale.line,note: Note Notatka
field:sale.line,product: Product Produkt
field:sale.line,product_uom_category: Product Uom Category Kategoria jm produktu
field:sale.line,quantity: Quantity Ilość
field:sale.line,sale: Sale Sprzedaż
field:sale.line,sale_state: Sale State Stan sprzedaży
field:sale.line,shipping_date: Shipping Date Data wysyłki
field:sale.line,summary: Summary
field:sale.line,taxes: Taxes Podatki
field:sale.line,to_location: To Location Do lokalizacji
field:sale.line,type: Type Typ
field:sale.line,unit: Unit Jednostka
field:sale.line,unit_digits: Unit Digits Cyfry jednostki
field:sale.line,unit_price: Unit Price Cena jednostkowa
field:sale.line,warehouse: Warehouse Magazyn,line: Sale Line Wiersz sprzedaży,tax: Tax Podatek
field:sale.line-ignored-stock.move,move: Move Ruch
field:sale.line-ignored-stock.move,sale_line: Sale Line Wiersz sprzedaży
field:sale.line-recreated-stock.move,move: Move Ruch
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/sale
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Needs editing Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/sale
Needs editing Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/sale
Not translated Tryton/sale_amendment
Needs editing Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/sale_advance_payment
Not translated Tryton/sale_promotion_coupon
Translated Tryton/sale
Not translated Tryton/sale_amendment
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/account


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