Context English Spanish State Quotation N°: Presupuesto Nº: Reference: Referencia: Sale Order N°: Venta Nº: Taxes Impuestos Taxes: Impuestos: Total (excl. taxes): Base imponible: Total: Total: Unit Price Precio unitario
selection:account.invoice,sale_exception_state: Ignored Ignorado
selection:account.invoice,sale_exception_state: Recreated Recreada
selection:sale.line,type: Comment Comentario
selection:sale.line,type: Line Línea
selection:sale.line,type: Subtotal Subtotal
selection:sale.line,type: Title Título
selection:sale.reporting.context,period: Day Día
selection:sale.reporting.context,period: Month Mes
selection:sale.reporting.context,period: Year Año,invoice_method: Manual Manual,invoice_method: On Order Processed Al procesar el pedido,invoice_method: On Shipment Sent Al enviar,invoice_state: Exception Excepción,invoice_state: None Ninguno,invoice_state: Paid Pagada,invoice_state: Waiting En espera,shipment_method: Manual Manual,shipment_method: On Invoice Paid Al pagar la factura,shipment_method: On Order Processed Al procesar el pedido,shipment_state: Exception Excepción,shipment_state: None Ninguno,shipment_state: Sent Enviada,shipment_state: Waiting En espera
This translation Translated Tryton/sale Mes
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account_asset Mes
Translated Tryton/sale_opportunity Mes
Translated Tryton/timesheet Mes
Translated Tryton/account_asset Mes
Translated Tryton/account_invoice Mes
Translated Tryton/sale_opportunity Mes
Translated Tryton/ir Mes
Translated Tryton/sao Mes


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