Context English Slovenian State,name: UI Menu - Group UI meni - Skupina,name: Group Skupina,name:group_admin Administration Administration
model:res.user,name: User Uporabnik
model:res.user-ir.action,name: User - Action Uporabnik - Ukrep,name: User - Group Uporabnik - Skupina
model:res.user.application,name: User Application Uporabniška aplikacija
model:res.user.config.start,name: User Config Init Začetna nastavitev uporabnika
model:res.user.login.attempt,name: Login Attempt Poskus prijave
model:res.user.warning,name: User Warning Uporabniško opozorilo
report:res.user.email_reset_password: Reset Password Reset Password
report:res.user.email_reset_password: The password for your account, [1:%(login)s], has been reset.[2:]
You must set a new one from the user's preferences.[3:]
You can connect with this temporary password [4:%(password)s] to[5:]
report:res.user.email_reset_password: The password will expire at [1:%(datetime)s UTC].
selection:res.user.application,state: Cancelled Preklicano
selection:res.user.application,state: Requested Zahtevano
selection:res.user.application,state: Validated Odobreno Access Permissions Dostop Members Člani
view:res.user.config.start: Be careful that the login must be unique. Upoštevajte, da mora biti prijava edinstvena.
view:res.user.config.start: You can now add some users into the system. Sedaj lahko v sistem dodajate uporabnike.
view:res.user: Access Permissions Dostop
view:res.user: Actions Ukrepi
view:res.user: Group Membership Članstvo v skupinah
view:res.user: Preferences Nastavitve
view:res.user: User Uporabnik
wizard_button:res.user.config,start,end: Cancel Prekliči
wizard_button:res.user.config,start,user: OK V redu
wizard_button:res.user.config,user,add: Add Dodaj
wizard_button:res.user.config,user,end: End Zapri
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/res
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Needs editing Tryton/account_payment_sepa
Not translated Tryton/purchase_amendment
Needs editing Tryton/account_invoice
Needs editing Tryton/account_invoice
Translated Tryton/account_invoice
Not translated Tryton/purchase_amendment
Not translated Tryton/sale_amendment
Not translated Tryton/sale_amendment
Translated Tryton/account_payment_sepa
Translated Tryton/account_statement
Needs editing Tryton/account_statement


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