Context English Persian State,name:rule_group_export_write User in modification groups,name:rule_group_menu User in groups,name:rule_group_sequence User in groups,name:rule_group_sequence_strict User in groups,name:rule_group_session Own session,name:rule_group_session_wizard Own session,name:rule_group_ui_menu_favorite Own favorite,name:rule_group_user_application Own user application,name:rule_group_user_application_admin Any user application,name:rule_group_user_warning Own warning,name:rule_group_view_search Own view search,name:rule_group_view_search_admin Any view search,name:rule_group_view_search_common Common view search,name: Rule Group - Group گروه قانون - گروه,name: Sequence Type - Group نوع ادامه - گروه,name:menu_group_form Groups گروه ها,name:menu_res Users کاربران,name:menu_user_form Users کاربران,name: UI Menu - Group منوی رابط کاربر - گروه,name: Group گروه,name:group_admin Administration مدیریت
model:res.user,name: User کاربر
model:res.user-ir.action,name: User - Action کاربر - اقدام,name: User - Group کاربر - گروه
model:res.user.application,name: User Application کاربر برنامه
model:res.user.config.start,name: User Config Init پیکربندی اولیه کاربر
model:res.user.login.attempt,name: Login Attempt تلاش برای ورود
model:res.user.warning,name: User Warning هشدار کاربر
report:res.user.email_reset_password: Reset Password بازنشانی کلمه عبور
report:res.user.email_reset_password: The password for your account, [1:%(login)s], has been reset.[2:]
You must set a new one from the user's preferences.[3:]
You can connect with this temporary password [4:%(password)s] to[5:]
report:res.user.email_reset_password: The password will expire at [1:%(datetime)s UTC]. کلمه عبور شما منقضی میشود در
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Translated Tryton/ir
Translated Tryton/user_role
Translated Tryton/product_classification_taxonomic
Translated Tryton/ir
Translated Tryton/ir
Translated Tryton/res
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Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
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