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field:ir.sequence.type,groups: User Groups Групи потребители,group: User Groups Групи потребители,sequence_type: Sequence Type Вид последователност,group: Group Група,menu: Menu Меню,buttons: Buttons Бутон,field_access: Access Field Достъп до поле,menu_access: Access Menu Достъп до меню,model_access: Access Model Модел на достъпа,name: Name Име,rule_groups: Rules Правила,users: Users Потребители
field:res.user,actions: Actions Действия
field:res.user,applications: Applications
field:res.user,email: Email Email
field:res.user,groups: Groups Групи
field:res.user,language: Language Език
field:res.user,language_direction: Language Direction Посока на езика
field:res.user,login: Login Потребителско име
field:res.user,menu: Menu Action Действие на меню
field:res.user,name: Name Име
field:res.user,password: Password Парола
field:res.user,password_hash: Password Hash
field:res.user,password_reset: Reset Password Reset Password
field:res.user,password_reset_expire: Reset Password Expire
field:res.user,pyson_menu: PySON Menu
field:res.user,sessions: Sessions
field:res.user,signature: Signature Подпис
field:res.user,status_bar: Status Bar Лента със статус
field:res.user,warnings: Warnings Предупреждения
field:res.user-ir.action,action: Action Действие
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Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Not translated Tryton/user_role
Translated Tryton/ir
Translated Tryton/ir
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/res
Needs editing Tryton/product_classification_taxonomic
Translated Tryton/ir


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