Context English Slovenian State
field:purchase.purchase,state: State Stanje
field:purchase.purchase,tax_amount: Tax Davek
field:purchase.purchase,tax_amount_cache: Tax Cache Davek predpomnjen
field:purchase.purchase,total_amount: Total Skupaj
field:purchase.purchase,total_amount_cache: Total Cache Skupaj predpomnjeno
field:purchase.purchase,untaxed_amount: Untaxed Neobdavčeno
field:purchase.purchase,untaxed_amount_cache: Untaxed Cache Neobdavčeno predpomnjeno
field:purchase.purchase,warehouse: Warehouse Skladišče
field:purchase.purchase-ignored-account.invoice,invoice: Invoice Račun
field:purchase.purchase-ignored-account.invoice,purchase: Purchase Nabavni nalog
field:purchase.purchase-recreated-account.invoice,invoice: Invoice Račun
field:purchase.purchase-recreated-account.invoice,purchase: Purchase Nabavni nalog
field:stock.location,supplier_return_location: Supplier Return Vrnjen prevzem
field:stock.move,purchase: Purchase Nabavni nalog
field:stock.move,purchase_exception_state: Exception State Pridržano
field:stock.move,supplier: Supplier Dobavitelj,customer_code: The code the party as supplier has assigned to the company as customer.,supplier_lead_time: The time from confirming the purchase order to receiving the goods from the party when used as a supplier.
Used if no lead time is set on the product supplier.
help:purchase.configuration,purchase_process_after: The grace period during which confirmed purchase can still be reset to draft.
Applied only if a worker queue is activated.
help:purchase.handle.invoice.exception.ask,recreate_invoices: The selected invoices will be recreated. The other ones will be ignored. Izbrani računi bodo ponovno izdelani, ostali bodo prezrti.
help:purchase.handle.shipment.exception.ask,recreate_moves: The selected moves will be recreated. The other ones will be ignored. Izbran promet bo ponovno izdelan, ostalo bo prezrto.
help:purchase.line,delivery_date_edit: Check to edit the delivery date. Označite, če popravljate datum dostave.
help:purchase.product_supplier,lead_time: The time from confirming the purchase order to receiving the products.
If empty the lead time of the supplier is used.
help:purchase.product_supplier.price,quantity: Minimal quantity. Minimalna količina
help:purchase.product_supplier.price,uom: The unit in which the quantity is specified.
help:purchase.purchase,delivery_date: The default delivery date for each line. Privzet datum dostave za postavko.
help:stock.location,supplier_return_location: If empty the Storage location is used. Če je prazno, se uporablja lokacija shrambe
model:ir.action,name:act_invoice_form Invoices Invoices
model:ir.action,name:act_open_supplier Parties associated to Purchases Parties associated to Purchases
model:ir.action,name:act_product_supplier_form Product Suppliers Product Suppliers
model:ir.action,name:act_product_supplier_price_form Prices Prices
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/purchase
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/sale_supply_drop_shipment
Translated Tryton/account_invoice
Not translated Tryton/production_outsourcing
Translated Tryton/stock
Not translated Tryton/production_outsourcing
Not translated Tryton/purchase_request_quotation
Translated Tryton/purchase_requisition
Needs editing Tryton/stock
Translated Tryton/stock
Not translated Tryton/purchase_request_quotation
Needs editing Tryton/purchase
Translated Tryton/purchase
Translated Tryton/purchase
Translated Tryton/stock
Translated Tryton/purchase_request
Translated Tryton/stock_supply_day
Needs editing Tryton/stock_lot
Needs editing Tryton/stock_lot


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