Customer Code
Context English Spanish State
field:account.invoice,purchase_exception_state: Exception State Estado excepción
field:account.invoice,purchases: Purchases Compras,customer_code: Customer Code Código de cliente,customer_codes: Customer Codes Códigos de cliente,supplier_lead_time: Lead Time Tiempo de espera,supplier_lead_times: Lead Times Tiempo de espera,company: Company Empresa,customer_code: Customer Code Código de cliente,party: Party Tercero,company: Company Empresa,party: Party Tercero,supplier_lead_time: Lead Time Tiempo de espera
field:product.product,product_suppliers: Suppliers Proveedores
field:product.product,purchasable: Purchasable Comprable
field:product.product,purchase_price_uom: Purchase Price Precio de compra
field:product.product,purchase_uom: Purchase UOM UdM de compra
field:product.template,product_suppliers: Suppliers Proveedores
field:product.template,purchasable: Purchasable Comprable
field:product.template,purchase_uom: Purchase UOM UdM de compra
field:purchase.configuration,purchase_invoice_method: Invoice Method Método de facturación
field:purchase.configuration,purchase_process_after: Process Purchase after Procesar las compras después de
field:purchase.configuration,purchase_sequence: Purchase Sequence Secuencia de compra
field:purchase.configuration.purchase_method,purchase_invoice_method: Invoice Method Método de facturación
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/purchase
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/purchase


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Tryton / purchaseSpanish

Customer Code
Código de cliente
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