Work Center
Context English Slovenian State
field:production,work_center: Work Center Delovni center
field:production,works: Works Naloge
field:production.routing.operation,work_center_category: Work Center Category Kategorija delovnega centra,active_cycles: Active Cycles Po ciklu,company: Company Družba,cycles: Cycles Cikli,operation: Operation Operacija,production: Production Proizvodnja,state: State Stanje,warehouse: Warehouse Skladišče,work_center: Work Center Delovni center,work_center_category: Work Center Category Kategorija delovnega centra,category: Category Kategorija,children: Children Podcentri,company: Company Družba,cost_method: Cost Method Obračun,cost_price: Cost Price Strošek,name: Name Naziv,parent: Parent Nadcenter,warehouse: Warehouse Skladišče,name: Name Naziv,cost: Cost Strošek,duration: Duration Trajanje,state: State Stanje,work: Work Naloga
model:ir.action,name:act_work_center_category_list Work Center Categories Work Center Categories
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/production_work
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Translated Tryton/production_work
Translated Tryton/production_work


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