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field:production,purchase_lines: Purchase Lines سطرهای خرید
field:production.routing,supplier: Supplier تأمین کننده
field:production.routing,supplier_quantity: Quantity مقدار
field:production.routing,supplier_service: Service خدمت
field:production.routing,supplier_service_supplier: Supplier's Service خدمات تإمین کننده ها
field:purchase.line,production: Production تولید
help:production,purchase_lines: The lines to add to the production cost. خطوط برای اضافه کردن به هزینه تولید.
help:production.routing,supplier: The supplier to outsource the production. تأمین کننده به محصول تولید خارجی.
help:production.routing,supplier_quantity: The quantity to buy to produce one time the BOM. مقدار خرید یک بار برای تولید محصول نمونه.
help:production.routing,supplier_service: The service to buy to the supplier for the production. خدمات برای خرید به تامین کننده برای تولید.
help:production.routing,supplier_service_supplier: The supplier's service to buy for the production. خرید عرضه کننده خدمات جهت تولید.
help:purchase.line,production: Add to the cost of the production. افزودن به هزينه توليد.
model:ir.message,text:msg_pending_purchase_done The productions "%(productions)s" cannot be processed as they have pending purchases. تولیدات : "%(productions)s" را نمی توان پردازش کرد زیرا آنها در انتظار خرید هستند.
view:production.routing: Supplier تأمین کننده
view:purchase.line: Production تولید
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/production_outsourcing
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/production تولیدهیه کننده
Needs editing Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/production_outsourcing
Translated Tryton/production_work تولیدهیه کننده
Translated Tryton/stock_supply_production
Translated Tryton/stock تولیدهیه کننده
Translated Tryton/stock_supply_production
Translated Tryton/account_fr_chorus
Not translated Tryton/account_payment_braintree
Translated Tryton/stock_package_shipping_dpd تولیدهیه کننده
Translated Tryton/stock_package_shipping_ups تولیدهیه کننده
Translated Tryton/account_fr_chorus
Needs editing Tryton/stock_lot
Needs editing Tryton/stock_lot


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