Context English Spanish State
field:production,effective_date: Effective Date Fecha efectiva
field:production,effective_start_date: Effective Start Date Fecha inicio efectiva
field:production,inputs: Inputs Entradas
field:production,location: Location Ubicación
field:production,number: Number Número
field:production,origin: Origin Origen
field:production,outputs: Outputs Salidas
field:production,planned_date: Planned Date Fecha estimada
field:production,planned_start_date: Planned Start Date Fecha inicio estimada
field:production,product: Product Producto
field:production,quantity: Quantity Cantidad
field:production,reference: Reference Referencia
field:production,run_by: Run By Ejecutado por
field:production,state: State Estado
field:production,unit_digits: Unit Digits Dígitos de la unidad
field:production,uom: Uom UdM
field:production,uom_category: Uom Category Categoría de UdM
field:production,warehouse: Warehouse Almacén,inputs: Inputs Entradas,name: Name Nombre,output_products: Output Products Productos salida,outputs: Outputs Salidas,bom: BOM LdM,product: Product Producto,quantity: Quantity Cantidad,unit_digits: Unit Digits Dígitos de la unidad,uom: Uom UdM,uom_category: Uom Category Categoría de UdM,bom: BOM LdM,product: Product Producto,quantity: Quantity Cantidad
This translation Translated Tryton/production UdM
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/production UdM
Translated Tryton/customs UdM
Translated Tryton/production UdM
Translated Tryton/production UdM
Translated Tryton/production_split UdM
Translated Tryton/stock_split UdM
Translated Tryton/stock UdM


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