Set Cost from Moves
Context English Bulgarian State,name: Product - BOM Продукт - Спецификация
model:production,name: Production Производство,name: Bill of Material Спецификация,name: Bill of Material Input Спецификация Входящ,name: Bill of Material Output Спецификация Изходящ,name: BOM Tree Дърво от спецификацията,name: Open BOM Tree Отваряне на дърво от спецификацията,name: Open BOM Tree Отваряне на дърво от спецификацията
model:production.configuration,name: Production Configuration Настройки Производство
model:production.configuration.production_sequence,name: Production Configuration Production Sequence
model:production.lead_time,name: Production Lead Time,name:group_production Production Production,name:group_production_admin Production Administration Production Administration
model:stock.location,name:location_production Production Production
selection:ir.cron,method: Reschedule Productions Производства
selection:ir.cron,method: Set Cost from Moves
selection:production,state: Assigned Назначен
selection:production,state: Cancelled Отказан
selection:production,state: Done Приключен
selection:production,state: Draft Проект
selection:production,state: Request Заявка
selection:production,state: Running В изпълнение
selection:production,state: Waiting Очакване
view:product.template: Production Производство Lines Редове
view:production: Lines Редове
view:production: Other Info Друга информация,start,end: Cancel Отказ,start,tree: OK Добре,tree,end: Close Затваряне,tree,start: Change Промяна


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