Make the price list belong to the company.
It defines the currency of the price list.
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field:product.price_list,company: Company
field:product.price_list,lines: Lines
field:product.price_list,name: Name
field:product.price_list,tax_included: Tax Included Impuesto incluido
field:product.price_list,unit: Unit
field:product.price_list.line,category: Category
field:product.price_list.line,formula: Formula
field:product.price_list.line,price_list: Price List Lista de precios
field:product.price_list.line,product: Product
field:product.price_list.line,quantity: Quantity
help:product.price_list,company: Make the price list belong to the company.
It defines the currency of the price list.
help:product.price_list,lines: Add price formulas for different criterias.
help:product.price_list,name: The main identifier of the price list.
help:product.price_list,tax_included: Check if result's formula includes taxes.
help:product.price_list,unit: The unit in which the quantity is expressed.
help:product.price_list.line,category: Apply only to products of this category.
help:product.price_list.line,formula: Python expression that will be evaluated with:
- unit_price: the original unit_price
- cost_price: the cost price of the product
Expresión de Python que se evaluará con:
- unit_price: el precio unitario original
help:product.price_list.line,price_list: The price list to which the line belongs.
help:product.price_list.line,product: Apply only to this product.
help:product.price_list.line,quantity: Apply only when quantity is greater.
model:ir.action,name:act_price_list_form Price Lists Lista de precios
model:ir.message,text:msg_invalid_formula Invalid formula "%(formula)s" in price list line "%(line)s" with exception "%(exception)s". La fórmula "%(formula)s" en la línea de lista de precios "%(line)s" con excepción "%(exception)s" no es válida.,name:rule_group_product_list User in company,name:menu_price_list Price Lists Lista de precios
model:product.price_list,name: Price List Lista de precios
model:product.price_list.line,name: Price List Line Línea de lista de precios


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