Context English Slovenian State
model:ir.action,name:act_uom_category_form Categories Kategorije
model:ir.action,name:act_uom_form Units of Measure Units of Measure
model:ir.message,text:msg_invalid_code The %(type)s "%(code)s" for product "%(product)s" is not valid.
model:ir.message,text:msg_product_code_unique Code of active product must be unique.
model:ir.message,text:msg_uom_incompatible_factor_rate Incompatible factor and rate values on UOM "%(uom)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_uom_modify_category You cannot modify the category of UOM "%(uom)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_uom_modify_factor You cannot modify the factor of UOM "%(uom)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_uom_modify_options If the UOM is still not used, you can delete it otherwise you can deactivate it and create a new one.
model:ir.message,text:msg_uom_modify_rate You cannot modify the rate of UOM "%(uom)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_uom_no_zero_factor_rate Rate and factor can not be both equal to zero.
model:ir.model.button,string:category_add_products_button Add products Products
model:ir.sequence.type,name:sequence_type_product Variant Različice
model:ir.sequence.type,name:sequence_type_template Product Izdelek,name:menu_category_list Categories Categories,name:menu_category_tree Categories Categories,name:menu_configuration Configuration Configuration,name:menu_main_product Product Product,name:menu_product Variants Variants,name:menu_product_configuration Configuration Configuration,name:menu_reporting Reporting,name:menu_template Products Products,name:menu_uom_category_form Categories Categories,name:menu_uom_form Units of Measure Units of Measure
model:product.category,name: Product Category Kategorija izdelkov
model:product.configuration,name: Product Configuration Konfiguracija izdelkov
model:product.configuration.default_cost_price_method,name: Product Configuration Default Cost Price Method Konfiguracija privzetega obračuna nabavne cene
model:product.cost_price,name: Product Cost Price Nabavna cena izdelka
model:product.cost_price_method,name: Product Cost Price Method
model:product.identifier,name: Product Identifier Predloga
model:product.list_price,name: Product List Price Prodajna cena izdelka
model:product.product,name: Product Variant Različica
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Needs editing Tryton/product
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/production
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/party
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/sale
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/purchase
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/project
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/stock
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/commission
Propagated Needs editing Tryton/timesheet
Propagated Not translated Tryton/attendance
Propagated Not translated Tryton/carrier
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/ir CKonfigurationcija
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/purchase
Needs editing Tryton/purchase
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/party
Needs editing Tryton/party
Needs editing Tryton/product
Needs editing Tryton/product
Needs editing Tryton/sale
Needs editing Tryton/sale
Needs editing Tryton/production
Needs editing Tryton/production
Translated Tryton/account ConfigurationNastavitve


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