Used to add structure above the category.
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field:product.template,type: Type Tipo
field:product.template-product.category,category: Category Categoria
field:product.template-product.category,template: Template Modello
field:product.template-product.category.all,category: Category Categoria
field:product.template-product.category.all,template: Template Modello
field:product.uom,category: Category Categoria
field:product.uom,digits: Display Digits Posizioni
field:product.uom,factor: Factor Fattore
field:product.uom,name: Name Nome
field:product.uom,rate: Rate Cambio
field:product.uom,rounding: Rounding Precision Precisione di arrotondamento
field:product.uom,symbol: Symbol Simbolo
field:product.uom.category,name: Name Nome
field:product.uom.category,uoms: Units of Measure Units of Measure
help:product.category,childs: Used to add structure below the category.
help:product.category,parent: Used to add structure above the category.
help:product.configuration,default_cost_price_method: The default cost price method for new products.
help:product.configuration,product_sequence: Used to generate the last part of the product code.
help:product.configuration,template_sequence: Used to generate the first part of the product code.
help:product.configuration.default_cost_price_method,default_cost_price_method: The default cost price method for new products.
help:product.identifier,product: The product identified by the code.
help:product.product,categories: The categories that the product is in.
Used to group similar products together.
help:product.product,code: A unique identifier for the variant.
help:product.product,consumable: Check to allow stock moves to be assigned regardless of stock level.
help:product.product,cost_price: The amount it costs to purchase or make the variant, or carry out the service.
help:product.product,cost_price_method: The method used to calculate the cost price.
help:product.product,default_uom: The standard unit of measure for the product.
Used internally when calculating the stock levels of goods and assets.
help:product.product,identifiers: Other identifiers associated with the variant.
help:product.product,list_price: The standard price the product is sold at.
help:product.product,suffix_code: The unique identifier for the product (aka SKU).
help:product.product,template: The product that defines the common properties inherited by the variant.


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