Subdivision Types
Context English Polish State,contact_mechanism: Contact Mechanism Sposób kontaktu
field:party.address,city: City Miejscowość
field:party.address,country: Country Kraj
field:party.address,full_address: Full Address Pełny adres
field:party.address,name: Building Name Nazwa budynku
field:party.address,party: Party Strona
field:party.address,party_name: Party Name Nazwa strony
field:party.address,street: Street Ulica
field:party.address,subdivision: Subdivision Region
field:party.address,subdivision_types: Subdivision Types Typy regionu
field:party.address,zip: Zip Kod pocztowy
field:party.address.format,country_code: Country Code Kod kraju
field:party.address.format,format_: Format Format
field:party.address.format,language_code: Language Code Kod języka
field:party.address.subdivision_type,country_code: Country Code Kod kraju
field:party.address.subdivision_type,types: Subdivision Types Typy regionu
field:party.category,childs: Children Kategorie podrzędne
field:party.category,name: Name Nazwa
field:party.category,parent: Parent Kategoria nadrzędna
field:party.check_vies.result,parties_failed: Parties Failed Potwierdzenie numeru VAT stron nie powiodło się
field:party.check_vies.result,parties_succeed: Parties Succeed Potwierdzenie numeru VAT stron powiodło się
field:party.configuration,party_lang: Party Language Język strony
field:party.configuration,party_sequence: Party Sequence Numeracja strony
field:party.configuration.party_lang,party_lang: Party Language Język strony
field:party.configuration.party_sequence,party_sequence: Party Sequence Numeracja strony
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/party
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/party


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Translation changed

Tryton / partyPolish

Subdivision Types
Typy regionówu
4 months ago
User avatar wowarcz

Translation changed

Tryton / partyPolish

Subdivision Types
RTypy regionów
4 months ago
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English Polish
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a year ago
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