Context English Bulgarian State
field:party.erase.ask,party: Party Партньор
field:party.identifier,code: Code Код
field:party.identifier,party: Party Партньор
field:party.identifier,type: Type Вид,addresses: Addresses Адреси,categories: Categories Категории,code: Code Код,code_readonly: Code Readonly Код (само за четене),contact_mechanisms: Contact Mechanisms Начини на контакт,email: E-Mail E-Mail,fax: Fax Факс,full_name: Full Name Пълно име,identifiers: Identifiers,lang: Language Език,langs: Languages Език,mobile: Mobile Мобилен,name: Name Име,phone: Phone Телефон,replaced_by: Replaced By,tax_identifier: Tax Identifier,website: Website Website,category: Category Категория,party: Party Партньор,lang: Language Език,party: Party Партньор
field:party.replace.ask,destination: Destination
field:party.replace.ask,source: Source,contact_mechanism: Define which email address to use from the party's contact mechanisms.
help:party.address,party_name: If filled, replace the name of the party for address formatting
help:party.address.format,format_: Available variables (also in upper case):
- ${party_name}
- ${name}
- ${attn}
- ${street}
- ${zip}
- ${city}
- ${subdivision}
- ${subdivision_code}
- ${country}
- ${country_code}
help:party.category,childs: Add children below the category.
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