Context English Turkish State
view:ir.module: Mark for Activation Mark for Activation
view:ir.module: Mark for Deactivation (beta) Mark for Deactivation (beta)
view:ir.module: Mark for Upgrade Mark for Upgrade
view:ir.note: Date Data
view:ir.note: Time
view:ir.note: User If there is no test defined, the rule is always satisfied if not global. The rule is satisfied if at least one test is True.
view:ir.sequence: ${day}
view:ir.sequence: ${month}
view:ir.sequence: ${year}
view:ir.sequence: Day:
view:ir.sequence: Incremental
view:ir.sequence: Legend (Placeholders for prefix, suffix)
view:ir.sequence: Month:
view:ir.sequence: Timestamp
view:ir.sequence: Year:
view:ir.translation.clean.start: Clean Translations? Clean Translations
view:ir.translation.clean.succeed: Translations cleaned successfully.
view:ir.translation.set.start: Synchronize Translations? Synchronize Translations
view:ir.translation.set.succeed: Translations set successfully.
wizard_button:ir.lang.config,start,end: Cancel
wizard_button:ir.lang.config,start,load: Load
wizard_button:ir.model.print_model_graph,start,end: Cancel
wizard_button:ir.model.print_model_graph,start,print_: Print
wizard_button:ir.module.activate_upgrade,done,config: OK
wizard_button:ir.module.activate_upgrade,start,end: Cancel
wizard_button:ir.module.activate_upgrade,start,upgrade: Start Upgrade
wizard_button:ir.module.config_wizard,done,end: OK
wizard_button:ir.module.config_wizard,first,action: OK
wizard_button:ir.module.config_wizard,first,end: Cancel
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This translation Propagated Not translated Tryton/ir
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Not translated Tryton/ir


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a year ago
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a year ago
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trytond/trytond/ir/locale/tr.po, string 815