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Context English Italian State
field:ir.ui.view,field_childs: Children Field Campo Figlio
field:ir.ui.view,inherit: Inherited View Vista incrementale
field:ir.ui.view,model: Model Modello
field:ir.ui.view,module: Module Modulo
field:ir.ui.view,name: Name Nome
field:ir.ui.view,priority: Priority Priorità
field:ir.ui.view,type: View Type Vista Tipo
field:ir.ui.view_search,domain: Domain Dominio
field:ir.ui.view_search,model: Model Modello
field:ir.ui.view_search,name: Name Nome
field:ir.ui.view_search,user: User Utente
field:ir.ui.view_tree_state,child_name: Child Name Nome del figlio
field:ir.ui.view_tree_state,domain: Domain Dominio
field:ir.ui.view_tree_state,model: Model Modello
field:ir.ui.view_tree_state,nodes: Expanded Nodes Nodi Espansi
field:ir.ui.view_tree_state,selected_nodes: Selected Nodes Nodi selezionati
field:ir.ui.view_tree_state,user: User Utente
field:ir.ui.view_tree_width,field: Field Campo
field:ir.ui.view_tree_width,model: Model Modello
field:ir.ui.view_tree_width,user: User Utente
field:ir.ui.view_tree_width,width: Width Larghezza
help:ir.action.act_window,context_domain: Part of the domain that will be evaluated on each refresh.
help:ir.action.act_window,limit: Default limit for the list view. Limite predefinito per la vista della lista
help:ir.action.act_window,search_value: Default search criteria for the list view. Criteri di ricerca predefiniti per la vista della lista,extension: Leave empty for the same as template, see LibreOffice documentation for compatible format. Lasciare vuoto per lo stesso come modello, vedere la documentazione unovonv per il formato compatibile,single: Check if the template works only for one record.,translatable: Uncheck to disable translations for this report.
help:ir.action.wizard,window: Run wizard in a new window. Esegui il wizard in nuova finestra,recipients: The field that contains the recipient(s).,recipients_hidden: The field that contains the secondary recipient(s).,recipients_hidden_pyson: A PYSON expression that generates a list of hidden recipients with the record represented by "self". Istruzione PYSON valutata dal record rappresentato da "self"
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