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Context English Italian State
selection:ir.translation,type: Selection Selezione
selection:ir.translation,type: View Vista
selection:ir.translation,type: Wizard Button Bottone Wizard
selection:ir.ui.view,type: Board Tavola
selection:ir.ui.view,type: Calendar Calendario
selection:ir.ui.view,type: Form Modulo
selection:ir.ui.view,type: Graph Grafo
selection:ir.ui.view,type: List Form
selection:ir.ui.view,type: Tree Tree
view:ir.action.act_window: General Generale Edit General Generale
view:ir.action.url: General Generale
view:ir.action.wizard: General Generale
view:ir.action: General Generale
view:ir.attachment: Last Modification Time Ultima Modifica
view:ir.cron: At
view:ir.cron: Every
view:ir.cron: Run Once esegui una volta Hidden Recipients: Recipients: Secondary Recipients:
view:ir.lang.config.start: You can now load aditional translations to the system.
view:ir.lang: Date Formatting Formato Data
view:ir.lang: Monetary Formatting
view:ir.lang: Numbers Formatting Formattazione dei numeri
view:ir.module.activate_upgrade.done: The modules have been upgraded / activated. I moduli sono stati elevati /attivati
view:ir.module.activate_upgrade.start: Note that this operation may take a few minutes. Questa operazione potrebbe durare qualche minuto
view:ir.module.activate_upgrade.start: Your system will be upgraded. Il sistema verra'  upgradato
view:ir.module.config_wizard.done: The configuration is done. Configurazione effettuata
view:ir.module.config_wizard.first: You will be able to configure your installation depending on the modules you have installed. Installazione configurabile dall'utente in base ai moduli installati


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a year ago
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trytond/trytond/ir/locale/it.po, string 785