Context English Portuguese State,unece_code: Agricultural export rebate,unece_code: Agricultural levy,unece_code: Alcohol mark tax,unece_code: Anti-dumping duty,unece_code: Business license fee,unece_code: Canadian provincial sales tax,unece_code: Car tax,unece_code: Coffee tax,unece_code: Commodity specific tax,unece_code: Countervailing duty,unece_code: Customs duty,unece_code: Energy fee,unece_code: Environmental tax,unece_code: Excise duty,unece_code: Federal excise tax,unece_code: Free,unece_code: General construction tax,unece_code: Goods and services tax,unece_code: Harmonised sales tax, Canadian,unece_code: Illuminants tax,unece_code: Import tax,unece_code: Individual tax,unece_code: Insurance tax,unece_code: Light dues payable,unece_code: Local construction tax,unece_code: Local sales tax,unece_code: Lust tax,unece_code: Mineral oil tax,unece_code: Miscellaneous cash deposit,unece_code: Monetary compensatory amount,unece_code: Other taxes
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