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field:currency.cron,currencies: Currencies Valute
field:currency.cron,currency: Currency Valuta
field:currency.cron,day: Day of Month
field:currency.cron,frequency: Frequency
field:currency.cron,last_update: Last Update
field:currency.cron,source: Source
field:currency.cron,weekday: Day of Week
field:currency.cron-currency.currency,cron: Cron
field:currency.cron-currency.currency,currency: Currency Valuta
field:currency.currency,code: Code Codice
field:currency.currency,digits: Digits Posizioni
field:currency.currency,name: Name Nome
field:currency.currency,numeric_code: Numeric Code Codice numerico
field:currency.currency,rate: Current rate Cambio attuale
field:currency.currency,rates: Rates Tassi
field:currency.currency,rounding: Rounding factor Fattore di arrotondamento
field:currency.currency,symbol: Symbol Simbolo
field:currency.currency.rate,currency: Currency Valuta
field:currency.currency.rate,date: Date Data
field:currency.currency.rate,rate: Rate Cambio
help:currency.cron,currencies: The currencies to update the rate. La valuta su cui si applica la tariffa.
help:currency.cron,currency: The base currency to fetch rate. La valuta su cui si applica la tariffa.
help:currency.cron,frequency: How frequently rates must be updated. Un tasso di cambio deve essere positivo.
help:currency.cron,source: The external source for rates.
help:currency.currency,code: The 3 chars ISO currency code. Il codice valuta ISO 3 caratteri.
help:currency.currency,digits: The number of digits to display after the decimal separator. Il numero di cifre da visualizzare dopo il separatore decimale.
help:currency.currency,name: The main identifier of the currency. L'identificatore principale della valuta.
help:currency.currency,numeric_code: The 3 digits ISO currency code. Il codice valuta ISO a 3 cifre.
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