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field:currency.currency,code: Code
field:currency.currency,digits: Digits
field:currency.currency,name: Name
field:currency.currency,numeric_code: Numeric Code
field:currency.currency,rate: Current rate
field:currency.currency,rates: Rates
field:currency.currency,rounding: Rounding factor
field:currency.currency,symbol: Symbol
field:currency.currency.rate,currency: Currency
field:currency.currency.rate,date: Date
field:currency.currency.rate,rate: Rate
help:currency.currency,code: The 3 chars ISO currency code.
help:currency.currency,digits: The number of digits to display after the decimal separator.
help:currency.currency,name: The main identifier of the currency.
help:currency.currency,numeric_code: The 3 digits ISO currency code.
help:currency.currency,rates: Add floating exchange rates for the currency.
help:currency.currency,rounding: The minimum amount which can be represented in this currency.
help:currency.currency,symbol: The symbol used for currency formating.
help:currency.currency.rate,currency: The currency on which the rate applies.
help:currency.currency.rate,date: From when the rate applies.
help:currency.currency.rate,rate: The floating exchange rate used to convert the currency.
model:currency.currency,name: Currency
model:currency.currency.rate,name: Currency Rate
model:ir.action,name:act_currency_form Currencies
model:ir.message,text:msg_currency_rate_positive A currency rate must be positive.
model:ir.message,text:msg_currency_unique_rate_date A currency can only have one rate by date.
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