The main identifier of the country.
Context English Italian State,code_numeric: Numeric Code Codice numerico,name: Name Nome,subdivisions: Subdivisions Divisione
field:country.subdivision,code: Code Codice
field:country.subdivision,country: Country Paese
field:country.subdivision,name: Name Nome
field:country.subdivision,parent: Parent Padre
field:country.subdivision,type: Type Tipo,city: City Città,country: Country Paese,subdivision: Subdivision Divisione,zip: Zip Zip,code3: The 3 chars ISO country code.,code: The 2 chars ISO country code.,code_numeric: The ISO numeric country code.,name: The main identifier of the country. L'identificatore principale del paese.
help:country.subdivision,code: The ISO code of the subdivision.
help:country.subdivision,country: The country where this subdivision is.
help:country.subdivision,name: The main identifier of the subdivision.
help:country.subdivision,parent: Add subdivision below the parent.,city: The name of the city for the zip.,country: The country where the zip is.,subdivision: The subdivision where the zip is.,name: Country Paese
model:country.subdivision,name: Subdivision Divisione,name: Zip Zip
model:ir.action,name:act_country_form Countries Countries
model:ir.action,name:act_zip_form Zip Zip,name:menu_country_form Countries Countries
selection:country.subdivision,type: Administration Amministrazione
selection:country.subdivision,type: Administrative Region


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The main identifier of the country.
L'identificatore principale del paese.
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