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- "employee" from the current user
help:ir.sequence,company: Restrict the sequence usage to the company. Omeji uporabo šifranta na družbo.
help:ir.sequence.strict,company: Restrict the sequence usage to the company. Omeji uporabo šifranta na družbo.
help:res.user,company: Select the company to work for. Izberite družbo za delo.
help:res.user,employee: Select the employee to make the user behave as such. Poveži uporabniško ime z zaposlencem.
help:res.user,employees: Add employees to grant the user access to them. Dodeli dostop preko uporabniškega imena izbranim zaposlencem.
help:res.user,main_company: Grant access to the company and its children. Odobrite dostop do družbe in hčerinskih podjetij.,name: Company Družba,name: Company Config Konfiguracija družbe
model:company.employee,name: Employee Zaposlenec
model:ir.action,name:act_company_config Configure Company Configure Company
model:ir.action,name:act_company_list Companies Companies
model:ir.action,name:act_company_tree Companies Companies
model:ir.action,name:act_employee_form Employees Employees
model:ir.action,name:act_employee_subordinates Supervised by
model:ir.action,name:report_letter Letter Letter,name: Cron - Company Razporejevalnik - Družba,name:rule_group_sequence User in company,name:rule_group_sequence_strict User in company,name:menu_company Company Družba,name:menu_company_list Companies Companies,name:menu_company_tree Companies Companies,name:menu_employee_form Employees Employees,name:group_company_admin Company Administration,name:group_employee_admin Employee Administration
model:res.user-company.employee,name: User - Employee Uporabnik - Zaposlenec
report:party.letter: Best Regards, S spoštovanjem,
report:party.letter: Date: Datum:
report:party.letter: Dear Madams and Sirs, Spoštovani gospa in gospod,
report:party.letter: Subject: Zadeva: You can now add your company into the system. Zdaj je možno v sistem dodati družbo.


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