Context English French State,childs: Children Enfants,currency: Currency Devise,employees: Employees Employés,footer: Footer Pied de Page,header: Header Entête de Page,parent: Parent Parent,party: Party Tiers,timezone: Timezone Fuseau Horaire
field:company.employee,company: Company Société
field:company.employee,end_date: End Date Date de fin
field:company.employee,party: Party Tiers
field:company.employee,start_date: Start Date Date de début
field:company.employee,subordinates: Subordinates Subordonnés
field:company.employee,supervisor: Supervisor Superviseur
field:ir.cron,companies: Companies Sociétés,company: Company Société,cron: Cron Cron
field:ir.sequence,company: Company Société
field:ir.sequence.strict,company: Company Société
field:party.configuration.party_lang,company: Company Société,company: Company Société
field:res.user,companies: Companies Sociétés
field:res.user,company: Current Company Société actuelle
field:res.user,employee: Current Employee Employé actuel
field:res.user,employees: Employees Employés
field:res.user,main_company: Main Company Société principale
field:res.user-company.employee,employee: Employee Employé
field:res.user-company.employee,user: User Utilisateur,childs: Add children below the company. Ajouter des enfants sous la société.,currency: The main currency for the company. La devise principale pour la société.
This translation Translated Tryton/company Sociétés
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/company Sociétés
Translated Tryton/company Sociétés
Translated Tryton/company Sociétés
Translated Tryton/company Sociétés
Translated Tryton/company Sociétés


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