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model:ir.message,text:msg_erase_party_pending_commission You cannot erase party "%(party)s" while they have pending commissions with company "%(company)s". شما نمیتوانید نهاد/سازمان : "%(party)s" تا زمانی که کمیسون معوقه با شرکت:"%(company)s"دارد را حذف کنید.
model:ir.message,text:msg_plan_line_invalid_formula Invalid formula "%(formula)s" in commission plan line "%(line)s" with exception "%(exception)s". فرمول: "%s" در خط برنامه حق العمل: "%s" با استثنا: "%s" نامعتبر میباشد.
model:ir.model.button,string:commission_invoice_button Invoice Invoice,name:menu_agent_form Agents عوامل,name:menu_commission Commission حق العمل,name:menu_commission_create_invoice Create Commission Invoices ایجاد صورتحساب حق العمل,name:menu_commission_form Commissions حق العمل,name:menu_configuration Configuration پیکره بندی,name:menu_plan_form Commission Plans طرح حق العمل
model:product.template-commission.agent,name: Product Template - Commission Agent الگوی محصول - عامل حق العمل,name:group_commission Commission حق العمل,name:group_commission_admin Commission Administration مدیریت حق العمل
selection:account.journal,type: Commission حق العمل
selection:commission,invoice_state: Cancelled لغو شده
selection:commission,invoice_state: Invoiced فاکتور شده
selection:commission,invoice_state: Paid پرداخت شده
selection:commission,type_: Incoming وارده
selection:commission,type_: Outgoing صادره
selection:commission.agent,type_: Agent Of عامل از
selection:commission.agent,type_: Principal Of اصلی از
selection:commission.create_invoice.ask,type_: Both هر دو
selection:commission.create_invoice.ask,type_: Incoming وارده
selection:commission.create_invoice.ask,type_: Outgoing صادره
selection:commission.plan,commission_method: On Payment در پرداخت
selection:commission.plan,commission_method: On Posting در حال ارسال
view:account.invoice.line: Commissions حق العمل ها
view:commission.agent.selection: Criteria Commissions حق العمل ها
view:product.template: Commissions حق العمل ها
view:sale.line: Commissions حق العمل ها
wizard_button:commission.create_invoice,ask,create_: OK قبول
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/commission
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account_invoice
Translated Tryton/purchase
Translated Tryton/sale


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