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field:carrier.selection,from_country: From Country Ursprungsland
field:carrier.selection,to_country: To Country Bestimmungsland
help:carrier,carrier_cost_method: Method to compute carrier cost. Methode für die Berechnung der Versandkosten.
help:carrier,carrier_product: The product to invoice the carrier service. Der an den Versanddienstleister zu verrechnende Artikel.
help:carrier,party: The party which represents the carrier. Die Partei die den Versanddienstleister repräsentiert.
help:carrier.selection,carrier: The selected carrier. Der ausgewählte Versanddienstleiter.
help:carrier.selection,from_country: Apply only when shipping from this country.
Leave empty for any countries.
Gilt nur für Sendungen aus diesem Land.
Für alle Länder frei lassen.
help:carrier.selection,to_country: Apply only when shipping to this country.
Leave empty for any countries.
Gilt nur für Sendungen in dieses Land.
Für alle Länder frei lassen.
model:carrier,name: Carrier Versanddienstleister
model:carrier.selection,name: Carrier Selection Zuordnung Versanddienstleister
model:ir.action,name:act_carrier_form Carriers Versanddienstleister
model:ir.action,name:act_carrier_selection_form Selection Zuordnung,name:menu_carrier Carrier Versand,name:menu_carrier_form Carriers Versanddienstleister,name:menu_carrier_selection Selection Zuordnung,name:menu_configuration Configuration,name:group_carrier_admin Carrier Administration Versanddienstleister Administration
selection:carrier,carrier_cost_method: Product Price Artikelpreis
view:carrier.selection: Criteria Kriterien
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Not translated Tryton/carrier
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Tryton/attendance Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/commission Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/production Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/project Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/stock Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/timesheet Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/party Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/sale Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/purchase Einstellungen
Propagated Translated Tryton/product Einstellungen
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account Einstellungen
Needs editing Tryton/stock
Needs editing Tryton/stock
Translated Tryton/account Einstellungen
Translated Tryton/ir Einstellungen
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/production
Needs editing Tryton/party
Needs editing Tryton/party
Needs editing Tryton/production
Needs editing Tryton/sale
Needs editing Tryton/product
Needs editing Tryton/product
Needs editing Tryton/sale
Needs editing Tryton/purchase
Needs editing Tryton/purchase


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