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field:bank.account,bank: Bank Banca
field:bank.account,currency: Currency Valuta
field:bank.account,numbers: Numbers Numeri
field:bank.account,owners: Owners Proprietari,account: Account Conto,owner: Owner Proprietario
field:bank.account.number,account: Account Conto
field:bank.account.number,number: Number Numero
field:bank.account.number,number_compact: Number Compact Numero Compatto
field:bank.account.number,type: Type Tipo,bank_accounts: Bank Accounts conti bancari
help:bank,bic: Bank/Business Identifier Code. Codice identificatore banca/azienda.
help:bank.account,bank: The bank where the account is open. La banca in cui si è aperto un conto.
help:bank.account,numbers: Add the numbers which identify the bank account. Aggiungi i numeri che identificano il conto bancario.
help:bank.account.number,account: The bank account which is identified by the number. Il conto bancario identificato dal numero.
model:bank,name: Bank Banca
model:bank.account,name: Bank Account Conto bancario,name: Bank Account - Party Conto bancario - controparte
model:bank.account.number,name: Bank Account Number Numero conto bancario
model:ir.action,name:act_bank_account_form Accounts Conti
model:ir.action,name:act_bank_form Banks Banche
model:ir.message,text:msg_invalid_bic The BIC "%(bic)s" is not valid. Il BIC "%(bic)s" non è valido.
model:ir.message,text:msg_invalid_iban IBAN number "%(number)s" is not valid. Il numero IBAN "%(number)s" non è valido.,name:menu_bank_account_form Accounts Conti,name:menu_bank_form Banks Banche,name:menu_banking Banking Servizi bancari,name:group_bank_admin Bank Administration Amministrazione Bancaria
selection:bank.account.number,type: IBAN IBAN
selection:bank.account.number,type: Other Altro
view:bank.account: Number Numero Banking Servizi bancari
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