Context English Estonian State
field:account.statement.rule.line,company: Company Ettevõte
field:account.statement.rule.line,party: Party Osapool
field:account.statement.rule.line,rule: Rule Reegel
help:account.statement.rule,description: The regular expression the description is searched with.
It may define the groups named:
'party', 'bank_account', 'invoice'.
help:account.statement.rule.information,char: The regular expression the key information is searched with.
It may define the groups named:
party, bank_account, invoice.
help:account.statement.rule.line,account: Leave empty to use the party's receivable or payable account.
The rule must have a company to use this field.
help:account.statement.rule.line,amount: A Python expression evaluated with 'amount' and 'pending'.
help:account.statement.rule.line,party: Leave empty to use the group named 'party' from the regular expressions.
model:account.statement.rule,name: Account Statement Rule Konto aruande reegel
model:account.statement.rule.information,name: Account Statement Rule Information Konto aruande reegli info
model:account.statement.rule.line,name: Account Statement Rule Line Konto aruande reegli rida
model:ir.action,name:act_rule_form Rules Reeglid
model:ir.model.button,string:statement_apply_rules_button Apply Rules Rakenda reeglid,name:menu_rule_form Rules Reeglid
view:account.statement.rule.information: - -
view:account.statement.rule: - -
view:account.statement.rule: Between Vahemik
view:account.statement.rule: Criteria Kriteerium
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/account_statement_rule
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account_asset
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/account_statement_rule


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