Template - Account Category
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field:product.template-product.category.account,template: Template
help:product.category,account_parent: Use the accounts defined on the parent category. Използване на сметките зададени в родителската категория
help:product.category,accounting: Check to convert into accounting category.
help:product.category,customer_taxes: The taxes to apply when selling products of this category.
help:product.category,supplier_taxes: The taxes to apply when purchasing products of this category.
help:product.category,taxes_parent: Use the taxes defined on the parent category. Използване на данъци от родителската категория
model:ir.message,text:msg_missing_account There is no "%(field)s" defined for "%(name)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_missing_taxes There is no account category defined on product "%(name)s".,name:rule_group_category_accounting Any category,name:rule_group_category_customer_taxes User in company,name:rule_group_category_default Not accounting category,name:rule_group_category_supplier_taxes User in company,name: Category - Customer Tax Категория - Данък на клиент,name: Category - Supplier Tax Категория - Данъци на доставчик
model:product.category.account,name: Category Account
model:product.template-product.category.account,name: Template - Account Category
view:account.configuration: Product Продукт Category Категория
view:product.category: Accounting Счетоводство
view:product.category: Accounts Сметки
view:product.category: Taxes Данъци
view:product.template: Accounting Счетоводство


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