Payment Succeeded
Context English Estonian State
field:account.payment,description: Description Selgitus
field:account.payment,group: Group Grupp
field:account.payment,journal: Journal Andmik
field:account.payment,kind: Kind Vorm
field:account.payment,line: Line Rida
field:account.payment,origin: Origin Päritolu
field:account.payment,party: Party Osapool
field:account.payment,process_method: Process Method Protsesi meetodit
field:account.payment,state: State Olek,company: Company Ettevõte,currency_digits: Currency Digits Valuuta numbriväärtuse arv,journal: Journal Andmik,kind: Kind Vorm,number: Number Number,payment_amount: Payment Total Amount Tasumise väärtus,payment_amount_succeeded: Payment Succeeded Õnnestunud,payment_complete: Payment Complete Tasumise grupp,payment_count: Payment Count Tasumise väärtus,payments: Payments Tasumised
field:account.payment.journal,company: Company Ettevõte
field:account.payment.journal,currency: Currency Valuuta
field:account.payment.journal,name: Name NImetus
field:account.payment.journal,process_method: Process Method Protsesi meetodit,payment_direct_debit: Direct Debit Otsene deebet,payment_direct_debits: Direct Debits Otsene deebet,company: Company Ettevõte,party: Party Osapool,payment_direct_debit: Direct Debit Otsene deebet
help:account.invoice,payment_direct_debit: Check if the invoice is paid by direct debit. Märgi kui arve on tasutud otse deebeti meetodil.
help:account.move.line,payment_direct_debit: Check if the line will be paid by direct debit. Märgi kui rida tasutakse otse deebeti meetodil.,date: When the payments are scheduled to happen.
Leave empty to use the lines' maturity dates.
Millal on tasumised planeeritud toimuma.


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