Context English Spanish State,name:menu_payment_group_form Payment Groups Grupos de pagos,name:menu_payment_journal_form Payment Journals Diarios de pago,name:menu_payments Payments Pagos,name: Party Payment Direct Debit Domiciliaciones bancarias de terceros,name:group_payment Payment Pagos,name:group_payment_approval Payment Approval Aprobación de pagos
selection:account.move.line,payment_kind: Payable A pagar
selection:account.move.line,payment_kind: Receivable A cobrar
selection:account.payment,kind: Payable A pagar
selection:account.payment,kind: Receivable A cobrar
selection:account.payment,state: Approved Aprobado
selection:account.payment,state: Draft Borrador
selection:account.payment,state: Failed Fallado
selection:account.payment,state: Processing En proceso
selection:account.payment,state: Succeeded Con éxito,kind: Payable A pagar,kind: Receivable A cobrar
selection:account.payment.journal,process_method: Manual Manual
view:account.configuration: Group Sequence Secuencia de grupo
view:account.configuration: Payment Pago Complete Completo Count Número Payments Info Información de pagos Succeeded Con éxito Total Amount Importe total
view:account.payment.process.start: Process Payments? ¿Quiere procesar los pagos?
view:account.payment: Description Descripción
view:account.payment: Other Info Información adicional,ask_journal,end: Cancel Cancelar,ask_journal,next_: Pay Pagar,start,end: Cancel Cancelar
This translation Translated Tryton/account_payment A pagar
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account_payment A pagar
Translated Tryton/account_payment A pagar
Translated Tryton/account A pagar
Translated Tryton/account A pagar
Translated Tryton/account A pagar
Translated Tryton/account A pagar
Translated Tryton/account_payment A pagar


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