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Context English State,payment_amount_succeeded: Payment Succeeded,payment_complete: Payment Complete,payment_count: Payment Count,payments: Payments
field:account.payment.journal,company: Company
field:account.payment.journal,currency: Currency
field:account.payment.journal,name: Name
field:account.payment.journal,process_method: Process Method,payment_direct_debit: Direct Debit,payment_direct_debits: Direct Debits,company: Company,party: Party,payment_direct_debit: Direct Debit
help:account.invoice,payment_direct_debit: Check if the invoice is paid by direct debit.
help:account.move.line,payment_direct_debit: Check if the line will be paid by direct debit.,date: When the payments are scheduled to happen.
Leave empty to use the lines' maturity dates.,payment_amount: The sum of all payment amounts.,payment_amount_succeeded: The sum of the amounts of the successful payments.,payment_complete: All the payments in the group are complete.,payment_count: The number of payments in the group.,payment_direct_debit: Check if supplier does direct debit.,payment_direct_debit: Check if supplier does direct debit.
model:account.configuration.payment_group_sequence,name: Account Configuration Payment Group Sequence,name: Pay Line,name: Pay Line
model:account.payment,name: Payment,name: Payment Group
model:account.payment.journal,name: Payment Journal
model:account.payment.process.start,name: Process Payment
model:ir.action,name:act_move_line_form Lines to Pay
model:ir.action,name:act_pay_line Pay Lines


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