Total (excl. taxes):
Context English Slovenian State
report:account.invoice: Base Osnova
report:account.invoice: Date Datum
report:account.invoice: Date: Datum:
report:account.invoice: Description Opis
report:account.invoice: Description: Opis:
report:account.invoice: Draft Invoice Osnutek računa
report:account.invoice: Invoice N°: Račun št.
report:account.invoice: Payment Term Plačilni rok
report:account.invoice: Pro forma Invoice Predračun
report:account.invoice: Quantity Količina
report:account.invoice: Reference Sklic
report:account.invoice: Supplier Invoice N°: Prejeti račun št.:
report:account.invoice: Tax Davek
report:account.invoice: Taxes Davki
report:account.invoice: Taxes: Davki:
report:account.invoice: Total (excl. taxes): Skupaj (brez davkov):
report:account.invoice: Total: Skupaj:
report:account.invoice: Unit Price Cena
selection:account.invoice,state: Cancelled Preklicano
selection:account.invoice,state: Draft V pripravi
selection:account.invoice,state: Paid Plačano
selection:account.invoice,state: Posted Knjiženo
selection:account.invoice,state: Validated Odobreno
selection:account.invoice,type: Customer Kupec
selection:account.invoice,type: Supplier Dobavitelj
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Comment Opomba
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Line Postavka
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Subtotal Vmesna vsota
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Title Napis,type: Overpayment Plačilo,type: Partial Payment Delno plačilo
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/account_invoice
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/sale Skupaj (brez davkova):
Translated Tryton/purchase


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a year ago
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a year ago
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modules/account_invoice/locale/sl.po, string 262