Context English Slovenian State
selection:account.invoice,type: Customer Kupec
selection:account.invoice,type: Supplier Dobavitelj
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Comment Opomba
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Line Postavka
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Subtotal Vmesna vsota
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Title Napis,type: Overpayment Plačilo,type: Partial Payment Delno plačilo,type: Write-Off Odpis
selection:account.invoice.payment_term.line,type: Fixed Fiksno
selection:account.invoice.payment_term.line,type: Percentage on Remainder Odstotek preostanka
selection:account.invoice.payment_term.line,type: Percentage on Total Odstotek zneska
selection:account.invoice.payment_term.line,type: Remainder Preostanek Are you sure to credit these/this invoice(s)? Ali res želite izvesti dobropis teh računov?
view:account.invoice.line: General Splošno
view:account.invoice.line: Notes Opombe
view:account.invoice.payment_term.line: % %
view:account.invoice: Invoice Račun
view:account.invoice: Other Info Drugo
view:account.invoice: Payment Plačilo
view:account.invoice: Tax Identifier: Davčna identifikacija
view:account.move.line: Amount Second Currency Znesek v drugi valuti
view:account.move.line: Credit Kredit
view:account.move.line: Debit Debet Invoice Račun Payment Terms Plačilni roki,start,credit: Credit Kredit,start,end: Cancel Prekliči,ask,end: Cancel Prekliči,ask,pay: OK V redu,start,choice: OK V redu
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/account_invoice
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Needs editing Tryton/ir
Translated Tryton/purchase
Translated Tryton/sale
Needs editing Tryton/ir
Translated Tryton/analytic_account
Needs editing Tryton/ir


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