Payment Terms
Context English Slovenian State,base: Base Osnova,currency: Currency Valuta,description: Description Opis,invoice: Invoice Račun,invoice_state: Invoice State Stanje računa,legal_notice: Legal Notice Pravno obvestilo,manual: Manual Ročno,sequence_number: Sequence Number Zap.št.,tax: Tax Davek
field:account.move.line,invoice_payment: Invoice Payment
field:account.move.line,invoice_payments: Invoice Payments,cancel_invoice_out: Cancel Customer Invoice Customer Invoices
field:party.address,invoice: Invoice Račun
field:party.contact_mechanism,invoice: Invoice Račun,customer_payment_term: Customer Payment Term Plačilni rok kupca,payment_terms: Payment Terms Plačilni roki,supplier_payment_term: Supplier Payment Term Plačilni rok dobavitelja,customer_payment_term: Customer Payment Term Plačilni rok kupca,party: Party Partner,supplier_payment_term: Supplier Payment Term Plačilni rok dobavitelja
help:account.invoice,payment_term_date: The date from which the payment term is calculated.
Leave empty to use the invoice date.,with_refund: If true, the current invoice(s) will be cancelled. Če resnično, bo(do) trenutni račun(i) plačan(i).
help:account.invoice.line,taxes_date: The date at which the taxes are computed.
Leave empty for the accounting date.,cancel_invoice_out: Allow cancelling move of customer invoice.
model:account.configuration.default_payment_term,name: Account Configuration Default Payment Term
model:account.fiscalyear.invoice_sequence,name: Invoice Sequence Štetje računov
model:account.invoice,name: Invoice Račun
model:account.invoice-account.move.line,name: Invoice - Payment Line Račun - Postavka plačila,name: Credit Invoice Dobropis računa
model:account.invoice.line,name: Invoice Line Postavka računa,name: Invoice Line - Tax Postavka računa - Davek
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