Total (excl. taxes):
Context English Lithuanian State
report:account.invoice: Base Bazė
report:account.invoice: Date Data
report:account.invoice: Date: Data:
report:account.invoice: Description Aprašymas
report:account.invoice: Description: Aprašymas:
report:account.invoice: Draft Invoice Sąskaitos faktūros juodraštis
report:account.invoice: Invoice N°: Sąskaita faktūra Nr.:
report:account.invoice: Payment Term Mokėjimo sąlygos
report:account.invoice: Pro forma Invoice Išankstinė sąskaita
report:account.invoice: Quantity Kiekis
report:account.invoice: Reference Nuoroda
report:account.invoice: Supplier Invoice N°: Tiekėjo sąskaita faktūra Nr.:
report:account.invoice: Tax PVM
report:account.invoice: Taxes PVM
report:account.invoice: Taxes: Mokesčiai:
report:account.invoice: Total (excl. taxes): Viso:
report:account.invoice: Total: Viso su PVM:
report:account.invoice: Unit Price Kaina
selection:account.invoice,state: Cancelled Anuliuota
selection:account.invoice,state: Draft Juodraštis
selection:account.invoice,state: Paid Apmokėta
selection:account.invoice,state: Posted Įtraukta į apskaitą
selection:account.invoice,state: Validated Patvirtinta
selection:account.invoice,type: Customer Pirkėjas
selection:account.invoice,type: Supplier Tiekėjas
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Comment Komentaras
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Line Eilutė
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Subtotal Tarpinė suma
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Title Antraštė,type: Overpayment Mokėjimas,type: Partial Payment Dalinis mokėjimas
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/account_invoice
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/sale
Translated Tryton/purchase


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Total (excl. taxes):
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