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field:account.invoice.payment_term.test,payment_term: Payment Term Termine di pagamento
field:account.invoice.payment_term.test,result: Result Risultato
field:account.invoice.payment_term.test.result,amount: Amount Importo
field:account.invoice.payment_term.test.result,currency: Currency Valuta
field:account.invoice.payment_term.test.result,currency_digits: Currency Digits Posizioni Valuta
field:account.invoice.payment_term.test.result,date: Date Data,account: Account Conto,amount: Amount Importo,base: Base Base,currency: Currency Valuta,description: Description Descrizione,invoice: Invoice Fattura,invoice_state: Invoice State Stato fattura,legal_notice: Legal Notice Avviso legale,manual: Manual Manuale,sequence_number: Sequence Number Numero sequenza,tax: Tax Imposta
field:account.move.line,invoice_payment: Invoice Payment Pagamento fattura
field:account.move.line,invoice_payments: Invoice Payments,cancel_invoice_out: Cancel Customer Invoice Annulla fattura cliente
field:party.address,invoice: Invoice Fattura
field:party.contact_mechanism,invoice: Invoice Fattura,customer_payment_term: Customer Payment Term Termine di pagamento cliente,payment_terms: Payment Terms Termini di pagamento,supplier_payment_term: Supplier Payment Term Termine di pagamento fornitore,customer_payment_term: Customer Payment Term Termine di pagamento cliente,party: Party Controparte,supplier_payment_term: Supplier Payment Term Termine di pagamento fornitore
help:account.invoice,payment_term_date: The date from which the payment term is calculated.
Leave empty to use the invoice date.,with_refund: If true, the current invoice(s) will be cancelled. Se true, la fattura attuale verrà pagata
help:account.invoice.line,taxes_date: The date at which the taxes are computed.
Leave empty for the accounting date.


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